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How To Whiten

Nov 26, 2018

Because of the traditional beauty concept of "one white covering three ugly", Asian women's pursuit of whitening is just like human's pursuit of light, which has never stopped. Rouge and water powder is almost a necessary product for every adult woman, and there are various kinds of concealer, foundation and powder to whitewash the family, whitewash whitening and whitewash peace.Actually, beautiful white resembles cure a disease, treat a symptom to be inferior to cure the root cause of beautiful white, cure the culprit that affects white white thoroughly only, melanin, skin ability shows the natural beautiful white brilliance from inside and outside truly.

(1) choose a set of whitening products suitable for you, because whitening ingredients are different, it is better to use the same brand and the same series of products in theory, so as to prevent adverse reactions caused by conflicts between different whitening ingredients.The whitening product with more on market is main component with vitamin C.

(2) in addition to the choice of whitening products, there is a very important point: all the year round to do a good job in sunscreen care.Indoor and outdoor work should use sunscreen, especially in the hot summer outdoors, be sure to take a parasol and sunglasses with anti-ultraviolet function.Protect your skin from uv rays from the outside.