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Cosmetic Lotion Bottle Are Usually Made Of Material

Cosmetic Lotion Bottle material is a kind of packaging materials industry, divided into the whole package material and some packaging materials.

The whole package material manufacturers usually provide drawings or general requirements, completely handed over to the production of packaging materials, and some of the package material will be sub-subtle, more specific circumstances and needs, divided into local printing, , Lotion Bottle body package material. According to the different types of cosmetic packaging, but also the specific outsourcing of some small accessories. Cosmetics packaging industry and cosmetics are closely linked together, and now the overall homogenization of the cosmetics industry is to enhance the value of the package material, and in recent years the industry also called for low-carbon, green packaging materials services.

Cosmetic package material classification

(1) PET

Full name polyethylene terephthalate, it is in the international material number is No. 1 material. Its main features are high air tightness, good compressive strength, high water resistance, very transparent, its transparency up to 95%, than other commonly used plastic packaging containers are high transparency, but it is not heat, it is Commonly used in food, beverage Lotion Bottle, cosmetic Lotion Bottle of packaging materials. It is because of its high air tightness, packaging containers without pores, so use it to make the packaging of alcohol containers is the best.

(2) HDPE

Full name of high-density polyethylene, which is commonly known as high-density PE, it is in the international material number is No. 2 material. Its main feature is good acid and alkali resistance. The products made with it are translucent, heat resistance is not very good, use it to make the packaging container with pores. It is commonly used in chemical products such as: medicine Lotion Bottle, cosmetics packaging materials packaging containers.

(3) PVC

Full name of polyvinyl chloride, it is in the international material number is No. 3 material, its main feature is transparent, not heat, early PET before the advent of it is to replace PET, used in mineral water, fruit juice and other beverages, the biggest role Is the use of building materials used in water pipes, and wire enamel outside and other purposes. Use it made of packaging materials containers will have pores, so it should not use it to wine.