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Advantages Of Acrylic Cosmetic Bottle

1, good weatherability and corrosion resistance, not because of years of sun and rain, and yellowing and hydrolysis phenomenon;

2, long service life, compared with other materials, life is 3 years;

3, light transmittance is good, can reach more than 92%, the required light intensity is small, save electricity;

4, strong impact resistance, is sixteen times the ordinary glass, suitable for installation in areas where the need for safety;

5, insulation performance is good, suitable for all kinds of electrical equipment;

6, light weight, lighter than ordinary glass half, buildings and stents bear a small load;

7, bright color, high brightness, is not comparable to other materials;

8, plasticity, shape change, processing easy molding;

9, high recovery rate, recognized by the increasingly strengthened awareness of environmental protection;

10, easy maintenance, easy to clean, rain can be natural clean, or soap and soft cloth can be scrubbed. The acrylic products made by the advertising company are more expensive. The acrylic lamp box made is about 400 yuan / square meters.

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