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Acrylic Material Plastic Bottle Packaging How To Break Through

Acrylic cosmetic bottle, it has a glass bottle appearance texture, with a plastic bottle resistance to drop low cost characteristics, which makes other cosmetics bottle packaging container field of rapid growth, occupy a large market share. However, behind the rapid growth, we find that there is almost no application in other packaging areas.

We can analyze, in the field of food, acrylic plastic bottle is difficult to reach the standard of food, so it is difficult to enter the field of food packaging. In the field of chemical industry, chemical products often require low cost, compared to PVC, PP these materials, acrylic plastic bottle packaging cost is difficult to have a competitive advantage. In the field of pharmaceutical packaging, the appearance of acrylic packaging is too luxurious, with better performance of PET plastic bottles.

Therefore, to improve the performance of acrylic plastic bottle packaging materials, make it adapt to a broader market, is the only way to maintain the continued market growth. Otherwise, acrylic plastic bottle is difficult to have a new market breakthrough.

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